Saturday, January 30, 2010

Official Results

No running today. Cold, windy, no weekend access to the company fitness center. So when I checked the mail with the dog today and received my official results from the Houston Marathon, 2010 edition, I had a few flashbacks.

My time was 3:28:12, or 7:56 a mile. Not so interesting. But then the first 10k time was 46:13, or 7:27 a mile. The first half, or 13.1 miles, was 1:38:17, or 7:30 a mile. So I slowed down to 7:33 or so a mile over the roughly second quarter of the race. The 30k time was 2:20:49, or 7:34 a mile overall. This makes the third quarter of the race in about 7:42 or so, slightly slower still. But at 7:34 a mile I was still on Boston Marathon qualifying pace for 18.6 miles. Not too bad, considering a finishing time of 3:20 or better would be over 18 minutes faster than my only previous marathon time. I was even thinking of how I would run the last twelve blocks on Rusk with my wife watching as I qualified for Boston.

But it didn't end quite that way. I suppose that's why they call it a marathon.

Obviously over the last quarter of the race I slowed significantly, and I think I know why: cramps from my toes to my neck will do that. So I still managed to finish over ten minutes faster than before, but it wasn't fun at the end.

But the official results don't reflect all that.

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