Friday, January 29, 2010

Training Update, 2

Well, sometimes one writes about something and then enough of it happens that I just have to wonder. I ran six miles yesterday along the greenbelt trails. The weather was cool and humid. I quickly developed a nice sweat, but wasn't hot at any time. Not too bad. Only problem was I'm apparently not used to the humidity any more. I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunity later to get used to it....

I started off okay at around 7:40 a mile for the first three miles, and gradually slowed down to a finishing overall time of 7:52 a mile. It was a tough day overall. Breathing unsteady. Lots of sweat. But it followed a hard cross-train day, so whatever. There'll be another day. There always is.

And then today was another cross-train day. Stationary bike for 40 minutes hard, and it felt good, and then about 20 minutes of core and upper body weights. Obviously not much, but something.

Luckily no philosophy today.

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