Sunday, January 31, 2010

Training Update - 3

What a great day for running in Houston, and the contrast to yesterday's wind and cold made it even better. One great thing about not having a deadline like a pending marathon is that I can choose with a lot of flexibility when and how long I want to run.

So today I took the wife and dog on my 4.3 mile loop run, but we walked it. I was hoping with the lack of winter leaf cover that I could find out the exact mileage with my GPS, but, alas, it still couldn't hold a signal with the "tunnel-effect" of the greenbelt trails.

After doing some minor home maintenance-type things, I went back out before it got dark for a quick run. Two laps on the same trail totalling 8.6 miles in a little under 66 minutes, with the TH Index at about 96. Not too bad. I just hope it's not too much only two weeks after the Houston Marathon on the old body.

I'll be back in the gym tomorrow for some biking and weight work. The rest of the week is problematic with all day meetings out of the office, but a lot of my marathon training was out of town at meetings in cold locations, thus hotel treadmills. There's lots of ways to get into and stay in shape.

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