Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Training Update

After delivering a speech at a conference yesterday, with all the activities that attend to those sorts of events, I managed to make it out of town for dinner with one of the kids. This led to playing tennis in my dress clothes, and then a late night arrival back home. So much for the evening run I was planning....

So today I returned to my regularly scheduled programming by cross-training. I upped the ante to 60 minutes on the stationary bike and what will be a normal variety of resistance training: 150-plus crunches on the swiss ball, and three sets each of dumbbell bench presses, dumbbell curls, machine fly's, and dumbbell military presses. The intent is to push the resistance training close to muscle failure. I succeeded today.

Tomorrow I'll be back on the road with a normal run, but like today will stretch things out a bit as I continue to nicely recover from the Marathon.

Gotta be careful, though. I'm a lot more likely to get injured and not make the starting line than I am to make the starting line and not make the finish line.

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