Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Bloody Sock

I really enjoyed watching the Boston Red Sox's Curt Schilling pitch a few years ago with his sock blood-soaked sock showing the results of his efforts. I just don't like it when it happens to me. But alas....

I had a terrific run late last night on my 4.7 mile night loop. I circled it twice for a total of 9.4 miles in 71 minutes, 40 seconds, or 7:37 a mile. That's 3:20 marathon pace, great for right now.

But as usual with my running, something goes wrong even when it goes right. I knew maybe halfway through the run that something was strange, but vaguely familiar, in my right foot between the second and third toes. Once I got home and got ready for a shower I saw the bad boy - blood on the sock and streaming between the toes. I hopped in the shower and watched blood run in the water to the drain for a bit, felt the sting as my sweat washed down to the foot, and gradually felt the pain diminish a bit before I got out of the shower.

What had happened? Another little something that really doesn't matter; I had the same problem in the 2008 Houston Marathon and to a lesser extent in some training runs over the years. I have kept my toenails trimmed to help prevent this, but sometimes it's almost as if the toes just aren't lined up. Anyway, it got me to thinking about other nicks and injuries.

I have ongoing shin splints, or something, on the inside of my right shin just above the ankle. Only rest solves this, but it doesn't hurt when I run, only when I get something pressuring it like my dog stepping on it (I figure if it doesn't hurt more during a run, it will go away. This philosophy has worked so far.).

My left foot in the ball area has been generally hurting for a month or so. It will eventually go away.

The muscle/tendon area behind my left knee recently hurt for two weeks.

If I run hard my groin muscles will be sore for a few days. No biggee at all.

I sat out maybe five months of running a year ago due to painful plantar fasciitis from running intervals with high schoolers (just getting older!).

See a pattern? The solution inevitably seems to rest or just keep going. And in the very short term maybe take ibuprofen!

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