Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Born to Run

I finished "Born to Run" earlier today and conclude it is an interesting read, although somewhat surprising. For starters, I expected the book to address the impacts of modern shoe technology and training methods much more than it did. I expected this mostly from reviews, since they focused on the barefoot running phenomenon.

The book primarily focused on Mexico's Tarahumara Indians and the tight U.S. community of ultra-distance runners. Several of the runners were chronicled, all leading up to a book-closing race in the Tarahumara's back yard. While it is an entertaining read into a subset of running, I was looking for more "technical" information on the impacts of changing physical parts of my running style on my times, health, and overall running enjoyment.

But it's a good read and I recommend it.

I did not work out at all today after the running/cross training session yesterday. I will probably lift tomorrow and run Thursday prior to going on vacation for nearly a week beginning Thursday evening, or some combination thereof. For excitement, I'm going to try a very aggressive treadmill tempo run - seven miles without stopping, starting with an 8:00 mile and decreasing mile-by-mile to 6:30, and then back up to 8:00.

I suppose I consider this fun....

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