Monday, February 8, 2010

Conflicts, Conflicts

I have a free way to get copies of Runners World and Running Times magazines. They are both interesting, although they have different focuses. I typically enjoy the editorials and training sections most.

But sometimes we just make this way too hard. While reading the February 2010edition of Runners World there is an article titled, "The Slow Road". The uptake is that it's okay to take it slower than normal for a week or so while chasing a goal to give your body a chance to recover and move to another level later. This is particularly true when chasing a goal, and I know I'm guilty of that at times.

All this sounds fine and good, and probably is. I could certainly listen to the advice, and may this week with the tweaking going on in my left knee. But then I read the inserted box at the bottom of the second, and final, page of the article: "Sometimes More is More". What?

Here we have an article saying less is more, and then it completely contradicts itself with a more is more rebuttal. What to believe? Which is the right path?

We all have to deal with this dilemma monthly, weekly, daily, and sometimes even within a run. It's part of the territory, especially when chasing goals. And it's part of what makes this so much fun. I really enjoy the "thinking" part of running, concentrating on my body and what it is telling me, and mentally responding by changing speeds, breathing patterns, stride lengths, cadences, and even concentrating on toughness on occasion.

It's a fascinating sport when I'm not really competing against anyone, but the most honest competitor of all, the clock.

As for today's workout, I felt the tweak behind my left knee clearly this morning and every time I got up from my desk. So much for a hard workout, so I just rode the bike for 30 minutes at a solid resistance level and 100 rpm, and then spent 20 minutes on upper body resistance training. The knee feels better tonight after the "stretching".

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