Thursday, February 18, 2010


What should runners eat? Especially if you are burning an average of 500 calories each day? I'm guessing as much as they can!

My diet is largely determined by what's on sale at the local grocery stores. That's turned into my plate at dinner and the leftovers show up the next day in a plastic container in my work backpack. Not bad. All that is led by a bowl of cereal or oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast.

I have found that by eating those three main meals I can eat healthily with just a snack or two in between. The snacks are usually a banana after breakfast and an orange, another banana, or ice cream (yes!) in the evening. This actually sounds somewhat healthy as I write it!

On the downside I'm not afraid at all of pizza or eating out, although the out stuff is usually reserved for business trips. I just enjoy the home cooking and taste of good stuff, I suppose.

The liquid aspect is not quite so good. I will usually have a cup or two of hot green tea in the morning hours, followed by a can of soda with lunch. The afternoon will usually be a small no-fat milk and then dinner and later will be some cheap no-calorie drink mix found on sale at Big Lots, of all places. Real athletic and inspiring, I know.

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