Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tempo Run - 2

I mentioned yesterday that I wasn't sure if I would run today or tomorrow, or do my usual light resistance training today or tomorrow. As can be guessed by the title, I chose to do an aggressive tempo run on the treadmill.

First, I still hate treadmills, but they do serve a purpose, such as providing a decent alternative to bad weather. They also allow precise measuring of a run's speed and distance, which are important markers of progress and should be determined on occasion. Today I took advantage of this precision instead of a normal outdoor run.

I started with an easy 8:00 mile, which started a bit of sweat but nothing other than that. After the first mile I sped the treadmill up to a 7:30 mile pace, and after the second mile I sped up to 7:00 mile pace. So far so good through three miles, although sweat was flying all over the treadmill.

After three miles I sped up for the last time to 6:30 mile pace, and begin to feel it about halfway through the mile. Some huffing and puffing went on over the last three minutes of this mile, but my legs felt fine (other than the ridiculous weaving all over the treadmill, from side to side and front to back). At the four mile mark I slowed down to a 7:00 mile, regained full control of my breathing quickly, and run good until about the 4.75 mile mark when I started to get raggedy with my breathing. At the five mile mark I slowed down to a 7:30 mile and the previous mile pattern re-emerged, with a smooth run for a while and then a gradual slipping into raggedy territory (thankfully I usually just concentrate harder and can regain full control). Finally the six mile mark came and my "warm down" 8:00 mile was mine.

I finished easily, took a walk around the indoor track, and then talked with some friends for a few minutes before heading home. A good run.

On another note, since I was on the treadmill and had access to a heart rate monitor, I checked myself periodically throughout the run. I hit a maximum of 173 beats per minute and was usually around 165 bpm. I know that's a bit high for most folks, but it's actually not too bad for me, and much better than a few years ago.

I'll do some light resistance training tomorrow prior to going on a ski/snowshoe vacation for a week. Party on!

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