Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Training Update - 5

A quick update without comment, other than I woke up this morning with a terrible pain in my always-tender right shin splint. The cause? The heel of my wife digging in, even when I suddenly pulled away. The heel followed, and an unintentional, and ongoing painful, game of chase was on. I lost badly. One ibuprofen later I felt better. Why is the pain worse in hours 12-24 after a run than right after the run? Ah, the ongoing questions of the body.

And now to the training update. You waited, you get. A mere 4.3 miles today in 33:22, or a 7:45 pace. Temperature was about 51 degrees, with humidity being about 85 percent, for a TH Index of 136, cool but still sweaty, particularly so if more miles were run. This run featured a light rain as well, so I wore a ball cap to protect my glasses from getting too wet. I wound up with clean glasses but a sweaty cap. So much for today.

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