Sunday, February 7, 2010

Training Update - 6

Not much to say after the Super Bowl. Congratulations Saints on a surprise win.

I ran a half marathon before the game in 1:43:20, or 7:53 a mile. It was the longest run for me since the Houston Marathon three weeks ago. I felt fine other than having to really monitor my speed the first five or so miles and then had a small tweak behind my left knee. I'll watch this; it hurt last week on a run.

The TH Index was 111, with the temperature at 55 degrees F and the humidity 56%. Good weather for a nice sweat, but no heat problems.

I did manage to get a little dehydrated, probably, and drank a huge amount once I got home and during the game. It would have helped to drink more than just a cup or two with lunch, I suppose.

Oh yeah, in the future when I run a half marathon or quarter marathon it will almost certainly be on a Boston-qualified four-times out-and-back course on the greenbelts near my house. It makes for a great, perfectly known distance course, although the exact mile markers are largely unknown.

Til next time....

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