Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Training Update - 9

My day job is killing me, and without the target of an upcoming race I just don't have the motivation to get out "no matter what", so I haven't.

I did run a 24 minute three mile treadmill run yesterday in combination with my usual upper body workout. I'm intentionally taking the running/cross training slow this week due to the knee. It's just not quite right, although I had no problems yesterday.

It looks like the weather will be okay this weekend, so I'll probably get out Friday for a run and a weight workout and another run on Sunday. We'll see.

One other thing of note was that while I was walking the dog on one of our typical 3-4 mile walks (not bad for a 12 pound dachshund!) I realized there was an informal track at an elementary school around the play area. It had turns too tight for my taste, but I can run on the side of the track in soft dirt, gravel, and wood chips. This could be a great night interval site as the weather warms, huh?

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