Sunday, March 7, 2010

Future Training

With a week before my next vacation, Spring Break to ski, I'm at a loss for what this week in training should be. An interesting twist is that I ran the last two days, fairly long distances, and don't have my normal shin splints. So should I push it this week since I have a week of running off?

I checked my work schedule and I will have time to get in some quality runs. I'm thinking a Monday six miler followed by an aggressive Yasso 800 workout Tuesday night on the junior high track should be good, then take Wednesday off and do something Thursday and Friday.

The Yasso workout could be at 3:10 a half mile for ten repeats, with a quarter mile jog between each set. That would make for a hard 7.5 mile workout with a qualified determination of where my conditioning is currently. Since the weather is supposed to deteriorate later in the week I may just hold those two runs off and see if I need to take advantage of the treadmill. Yuck.

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