Saturday, March 6, 2010


I tried something new today. I ran, or at least started out with the goal of running, for two hours without stopping for anything. In actuality, I was back near home a little early so I stopped at 1:51, covering 14 miles in the process for a 7:55 mile pace. Not too bad for a no-goal day.

It was a great day for it. The temperature was 65 degrees with the humidity an insane 25 percent. That made the TH Index a terrific 90, maybe the lowest, without extremes like temperature, I've ever run in.

My strategy was to run greenbelt trails I had never run, although I had walked or bicycled most of them at some time in the past eight years. I checked the trail map prior to setting off, and so off I went. Everything went great until about the one hour mark, when I caught up with a guy I have seen running a few times in the past. We ran together for maybe 1.5 miles, talking about running along the way. It was interesting...I have never run with someone before, much less talked.

A few final comments of note:
1. No blood! How can I do a longish run and not have blood somewhere? Anywhere?
2. I just love rubbing some sweat away from my eye and rolling boulders of dried salt across my super sensitive eye skin. It's so enjoyable.
3. I must have a boring life to be able to run almost two hours, or at least have that expectation, and not have any contact with others except to say "hi" to walkers heading toward me and "on your left" to walkers heading away from me. So exciting.

The scenario was great along the golf course lake, down to the large lake, and linking the various trails together along the creek bottoms and through the neighborhoods. My feet got a little sore toward the end, and I knew dinner would be waiting, so it was time to go home.

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