Thursday, March 11, 2010

Training Update - 12

It was a great day to run: 68 degrees with 65% humidity at mid-day, for a TH Index of 133, really good. This compares to the Yasso 800 run a couple of days ago where the TH Index was at 157 (I had my shirt off after the first 800 on that workout).

Unfortunately, my shin splints were still hurting after the intense five day period immediately preceding today. When something hurts, I instinctively slow down, and today was no different. So I cut my run in half to 4.3 miles in only 8:01 a mile. It didn't hurt too much, but I never really gained control over my breathing and the shins just hurt some.

I'll go at it again tomorrow before the ski trip, and that'll be it for a week.


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