Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Golf and Running

Okay, this is another strange post title, but here's the thought process. Many golfers, the average duffers shooting 80-105 or so, hit only a few really good shots a round. In my case, maybe 2-3 that I really felt good about when the day was over. But we all say that's what brings us back...the one great shot.

I feel that way about a great run. I had one yesterday, the 6.55 mile run in 7:03 a mile. It gets me thinking that I can do things that a year ago I could not have dreamed of. Is the NYC Marathon qualifying time of 1:30 in a half marathon a possible reality? Is a full marathon time of 3:15 a realistic possibility? If I stay healthy for a couple of years and keep building up could a sub 3 hour marathon be possible?

That one great shot, or great run, keeps me coming back. And back. It's a great feeling to run strong and then think on the possibilities.

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