Saturday, April 17, 2010

Half Marathon Day

I got a late start due to not sleeping too well, so around 11am I finally got out on the Kingwood Marathon course for an easy half marathon. I finished in 1:42:48, for a 7:50 pace. Not too bad for an easy run on a TH Index 130 day.

A strange note is that one of the middle miles, one of the few where I actually know the mile markers, was run in 7:18. I'm not sure what happened there; my breathing was a little ragged but I didn't notice the miles later being that much slower. Interesting.

I have been looking at some runner blogs lately and a guy I casually know, another Masters-age guy like me, uses a heartrate monitor exclusively to monitor his effort levels during marathons, running around 2:40 in several. Maybe I should incorporate a HR monitor in my repertoire. I had one a couple of years ago when I was in lesser condition and was demoralized by the thing constantly showing me running right around my theoretical maximum heart rate. I didn't like the idea of constantly worrying about a heart attack - I had rather not know when it will happen - so I took it back to the store.

Maybe I could discount some of my hard-headedness and get one again.

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