Friday, April 23, 2010

Half Moon Running - 2

I'm enjoying this half moon running stuff. I started too late tonight to run the usual 4.3 mile loop twice without running in the dark, so that's exactly what I did for the second lap. And it was fun, but slow.

My time was a definitely uninspiring 8:13 a mile, caused by three things, I think. One, I am tired from a long week at work complete with a difficult but quick trip. Two, the TH Index has hit a new high for the year, and it was really high, checking in at 156 with a temperature of 78 and the humidity at 78. Really difficult, resulting in what was maybe the sweatiest run of my life. My legs were coated in sweat, my shirt was "wringable" at the end, and my hair was wet all over. Really gross. Get ready for summer. And three, the last lap was completely in the dark, which on the greenbelt trails was definitely not conducive to higher speeds. In fact, I almost hit a kid on a bicycle coming at me about a quarter mile from the end. The kid yelled in fear and I think I heard him crash into the forest shortly after I left him. But I wasn't sure.

This heat is going to be tough. I slowed down over the last half, and I doubt it was all due to the dark. I just love Houston in the summer.

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