Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quarter Marathon Run - 2

With hectic work travel yesterday I wasn't able to post about my run (Hectic? Being paged over the airport intercom to get on the plane while I was still standing in the security line makes it hectic!). So here is a brief overview.

I ran the Kingwood Marathon route again, but only one loop, making for a certified quarter marathon run. It started off nicely with a 7:38 opening mile, although it felt faster than that. I really dislike it when I am running okay but it feels faster than it is. Makes me feel not-so-fast, I guess.

I could tell as I was hitting miles three and four that I was speeding up, but with the start I figured I'd just let it ride. The last two miles were really fast, with the last mile under 6:40.

The total 6.55 mile run was in 7:03 pace, so it's obvious there were some fast miles in there after the relatively slow start. It was a very good "accomplishment" run. But still not NYC Marathon qualifying pace....

The TH Index is steadily climbing. Yesterday was 138, with humidity being most of that. It made the run relatively cool, but very sweaty.

A last note is that during the last mile, when my breathing was getting a bit heavy, I counted, yes, counted my breaths. I think I had 380 breaths in the mile. If it was a 6:30 mile, that's 390 seconds, so I was breathing very deeply once each second, almost. I'm not sure what this means, but it's an interesting number. And maybe a dissociative technique for the end of hard runs in the future.

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