Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quarter Marathon Run - 3

Another day, another quarter marathon on the Kingwood Marathon course. This time it was a slow-ish start with a relatively fast finish, and an overall pace of 7:42. Much better than the hellish run a couple days ago.

Why better? Not because of my shins. They are starting to ache with the consistent mileage. I think the TH Index of 115 had more to do with it. The humidity all weekend after the Friday warm bath effect was really low, thanks to a front that brought some rain Friday evening.

I'm also thinking my pace has slowed down some as the month had matured due to the shin pain. The pain is not overwhelming, just constant when I run, and subconsciously I think it slows me down some. I'll solve the issue by taking some days off in a few weeks when I go to Colorado for a long weekend at the house attached to a business trip, but until then....

The last couple of runs have been around sundown on the greenbelt trails, and a short note here will be made about the abundance of rabbits along the trail. One today just would not leave the side of the trail, running along with me for maybe 50 yards. He/she won't last long with that kind of defense strategy!

Getting ready for another week of work....

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