Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quarter Marathon Run

I spent all morning working in the attic installing insulation. Not the optimum way to prepare for a run. But did that slow anything down?

I went out to the certified 4 lap marathon course located a quarter mile from my house. My thought was to run a slow half marathon, but that never seems to work out. The first mile was in 7:58, about what I wanted, but I could tell from my breathing that I was speeding up later. When I got to the 5.55 mile mark, one mile from the quarter marathon turnaround, I decided to see what I could do the last mile in and call it a day (my shins had hurt much of the run so I really wasn't in the mood for a long run). The last mile was in 7:03, so I ran 7:37 a mile overall. This corresponds to a 3:20 marathon, for whatever it's worth.

A worry: I need to improve my discipline to be able to run certain speeds to help me run longer distances. The way I run now I have to be really tuned in right to run long because I don't control my speed very well. Something to work on, but I wonder if one of those GPS watches would help.

Then again, I'm the guy who has almost no high-tech gear, so I'll just struggle along. Just getting outside on terrific days like today (TH Index of 112) is good enough.

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