Thursday, April 15, 2010


I try to run every other day. That works out fairly well as long as I stay at home and don't have really busy days and nights, both. But when I take vacations or travel for work it gets more difficult.

Next week I will spend a few days in lovely Tulsa, Oklahoma. God's country, no doubt. I leave Monday afternoon and get back Wednesday afternoon. I will probably run tomorrow, Friday, and then Sunday. That means Tuesday would be a logical run day, but there's no way I will have time that day with a full day of meetings and then a formal dinner and a late meeting on the docket.

So I have some choices. I could do a long run Saturday, then squeeze in a run Monday, or run Friday and Sunday and then wait for a long run Wednesday night after I get home. Such choices.

I'll figure it out. If this is the worst problem today that's not all bad.

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