Thursday, April 1, 2010

Topeka News

Welcome from Topeka, or somewhere. And Happy April Fools Day!

I debated this morning whether to run the usual 5.9 mile route or the Memorial Park 12 mile route...the shin splints won, and I took the shorter loop. It was a wise choice; the shins hurt most of the way.

The facts in short: windy around 15 mph from the south, so I had a cross wind mostly; sunny with the TH Index around 125 (steadily coming up, summer's on the way), and the usual small series of hills. My time was 45:09, a mere three seconds faster than two days ago (how is that possible to be so close?), so it came to 7:39 a mile. Not bad for the sixth good workout in a row.

I'll take the Easter weekend off running probably and try to come back strong next week and have another small breakthrough. I have a few running thoughts that I'll talk about in the next few days though. It's been a while since I wrote much on topics other than the actual running.

Have a great Easter. And if you don't get the post title, think Google and April Fools Day.

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