Monday, April 5, 2010

Training - 14

It's getting warm. I ran with temperatures in the very low 80's today, with the humidity a manageable 55, but east winds around 12-15 miles per hour. It made for a more difficult finish than I would have like, but so be it.

I ran the usual 5.9 mile work route, with the up-and-down hills in the first half. Things were fine following the hard Saturday night run for the first three-plus miles, but I just lost interest during mile 4 until re-focusing in the last stretch. I finished with a 7:25 per mile time, not bad at all. I took a quick review of my past month or so and this approached the fastest times, so I'm apparently improving, getting faster, and feeling stronger even after eight straight good runs.

One worry I need to look into is my right shoe. The harder material at the bottom of the shoe, covering the main cushion part, is almost worn through at the heel on the outside. I really like these shoes. They need to last!

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