Monday, April 12, 2010

Training Update - 15

After the hard, physical weekend of installing 42 rolls of insulation in the attic and having a surprisingly good run Saturday during the insulation install and after the hard run Thursday, I was surprised by my run today. I knew an hour before I went out that I was ready to roll, could just feel it, so I let it go.

I hit the first mile marker, or what is close to the mile mark, in 7:15. Usually with the retaining wall jump, the light timing never working out resulting in impromptu sprints through downtown traffic, the first tough hill coming out of the Buffalo Bayou pedestrian bridge crossing, and the spaced out skateboarders park in the way, it takes me 8 minutes to get to the mile mark.

My next major checkpoint is the 1.5 mile mark when I go under one of those scary-like bridges. No, not just under it, but running under it along its length. I hate seeing people here. Why are they hanging out under the bridge? Do you hate runners? Do you hate me? Anyway, usually I hit the bridge shadow in 12 minutes; today was 10:45.

I stayed one to two minutes ahead of normal through the next couple of checkpoints, both bridges, the second of which is home to a bat colony that stinks so bad that I have done personal tests on how fast I can run, and for how long, while holding my breath.

Things stayed great to the turnaround bridge over Buffalo Bayou, which I crossed in 22 minutes, instead of the usual 23:30 or so. The rest was a fast clip back downtown.

Except it wasn't. I got tired in the heat, still somewhat dehydrated from the attic work, and the early speed. Oh yeah, how does the wind stay in the face all the way on this out-and-back? I cleared this theory with the personal trainer at the fitness center, and it's true. I swear! At least most of the time it's true....

I slowed down dramatically at one point, but finished strong in 7:15 a mile over the 5.9 mile course. This may not sound like much, but for this hilly course, mostly on dirt and unlevel ground, it's not bad.

I'll take it and look forward to the next time. Another PR?

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