Thursday, April 8, 2010

Windy Treadmill

Crazy title to a post, I know. We had a cold front blow through last night and, while the temperatures were really cool and comfortable today, it was very windy. Howling between buildings downtown windy. So I stayed indoors knowing I would regret it later, and I already am.

To substitute, I decided to run for the full hour that the treadmill would let me (I like some of those hotel treadmills where they will go forever, apparently). At the same time, I would find out how far I could go in that hour. A little different from what I have done before, but I had to do something for entertainment.

I started at a 7:30 pace for the first mile, then quickly moved to a 7:03 second mile and a 6:35 third mile. I then alternated between 7:03 and whatever I could do faster, mainly around 6:53. In the end, I ran 8.65 miles in the hour without a hard push. Impressive enough.

But not NYC Marathon speed. Still work to do, but plenty of time. Now I just need to figure out how far to run Saturday on this to-be-terrific weekend.

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