Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Wrong Direction

What a tough day. It felt bad from the very start. Hurting legs, inconsistent breathing, general feeling of tiredness. Not good.

I ran the typical 5.9 mile loop again, and watched my marks as I went along. Surprisingly, shockingly really, they weren't horrible, but I certainly felt that way. I guess it had to happen.

Why? Who knows? Lack of sleep? Hot? Just don't care any more? Hate running? All of the above?

But the numbers never lie. The facts are these...the TH Index was 132 (getting higher by the day), the pace was 7:42 (a far cry from the 7:15 two days ago on the same course). I got some more sun since I ran shirtless again due to the heat (and since I ran slower I got a little more sun than previously).

Such are the victories we claim....

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