Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back to Back

I followed yesterday's 12 mile run with a 10 mile treadmill run today, but slowed it down to 8:00 per mile to call it an "easy" day. I quote "easy" since that's not really an easy day for me, especially since it was a back-to-back, but whatever. Right now the shins are fine; we'll see what it feels like tomorrow.

My form held really well until mile 9 or so when I started to get tired. And bored. Treadmill running this summer to avoid the heat is going to get old. Really old. Kind of like me.

Even indoors the sweat factor is huge, although it's certainly not hot. Just no wind and 72 degrees. By mile 6 or so I was coated, and by the end there was nothing dry left on me. Such is the life.

I may run a little tomorrow to set up four days straight to see how that feels, but I don't think it will be long or even should be.

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