Monday, May 17, 2010

Colorado 10K

I landed in Colorado Springs this morning, grabbed a bite of lunch with a local co-worker, worked through the afternoon, and then took a run along the fabulous Monument Creek Trail. I left downtown and ran north, then crossed the creek at mile 2.5 (I was carrying my old, no-maps GPS), ran back past downtown on the opposite bank, and finished in America the Beautiful Park.

In all, it was a 6.2 mile, or 10K, run at a 7:52 pace. Not bad for just having landed, I figure. The best part was the lack of heavy breathing and fairly comfortable run with little sweat. In fact, since I mostly ran along a creek on great gravelled trails, I took little pounding, got some nice views of Pikes Peak along the way, and enjoyed the sounds of the stream flowing near me.

On the shin side of things, I took an ibuprofen just prior to the run, and when it kicked in around mile 1 I felt no pain the rest of the way. I took another an hour or so after the run and still feel great. Let's see how long this positive trend continues.

Running in Colorado is great. Why don't I just move here? Oh yeah, I'm thinking about violating my first rule and running on back-to-back days tomorrow. Jack Quinn's Pub in downtown Colorado Springs has an informal get-together on Tuesday nights and I just may try to hook up with a group about my speed and distance. Should be fun.

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