Thursday, May 20, 2010

Colorado Redux Redux

I took yesterday off after the surprisingly easy back to back running days. I'm not sure it made much difference since my shins were hurting more than I thought they should, given the relatively short mileages and soft running surfaces. Shins shouldn't care about the altitude, I figure!

Anyway, I went to the Colorado house yesterday afternoon/evening, opening it up for the summer (actually when I shut it down this morning I shut is as if it's summer, so it's closed again after less than 24 hours) and enjoying the loud, melting snow runoff creek. This morning I did some work around the house early, then ran 3.5 miles in an unknown time at 9,000 feet elevation. The run was along an all season soft road with some gentle hills that taxed my lungs a bit, but not as bad as I expected.

Just a hint: I may run in a 12 mile loop race in Creede, Colorado, on Labor Day Saturday. The race starts and ends at 8,800 feet and tops out at around 10,000 feet. I suppose I'll decide later....

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