Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Colorado Redux

As I mentioned yesterday, I decided to violate my first rule and run on back-to-back days. I wandered over to Jack Quinn's Pub and joined in with a group heading out for what turned out to be a simple 5K run. I was disappointed that there was so little, er, no, organization. No pacing, no distances, just groups leaving at random and immediately all going at different speeds and apparently differently pathways. I managed to run around an 8:00 mile pace for the three miles, which really was all I should have done. But the experience could have been better.

In actuality it really is a neat experience. For around 400 folks to get together to run in a super-informal environment would be an earth-shaker in Houston. And to do it all summer in Houston would be deadly. Just goes to show me, again, that there is a real outdoor culture in other parts of the country. But there's not much of it I have found in Houston.

On the ibuprofen front, I took one pill prior to running but none afterward due to the ease of running. So far it's the right choice. And there was no pain from yesterday. Promising, to say the least.

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