Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gusher Marathon - Review

As I discussed a few days ago, I took a little closer look at the results of the Gusher Marathon in Beaumont, Texas, last Saturday. The weather was atrocious, with temperatures in the low 80s and the humidity in the mid 80s for a horrific TH Index of 165 or so.

The times were surprisingly good, with four men under three hours and the winner in 2:37:37. If I had run equal to my slowest marathon, which I don't think would have been easy under the conditions, I would have been third in my age group and in the top 15 overall. But that doesn't mean much when you don't run, does it?

The women only had one runner under three hours, but that time was a most impressive 2:44:07. How the winners ran those times under those conditions is nothing short of amazing.

And now for the interesting part: in the 5k boys division, under 14 years of age, there were four under 7:00 per mile, with a nine (9) year old at 6:52 a mile! Incredible. Nine years old is like, dude, third grade. That's a three hour marathon pace, albeit much shorter. This really impressed me.

Anyway, I took today off and walked the dog the usual three miles only. I'm going to rest the shins another day or so and then get back to it. I am getting a little antsy, though.


  1. The reason for the fast times was the marathon was only 24 miles and the 5k was only 2.7 miles. Lots of the results were mixed up because some runners did only a half but it counted as a full marathon somehow? I would not take any of the results for this race very seriously. Not to mention the water situation on the course where they ran out at many stops!!

  2. I don't know if the thoughts above are true, but they are interesting and, if the fluid issue in particular is true, disturbing given the weather. Truthfully, the times were fast only for a handful of runners and then they were mostly impressive due to the weather. Again, the comment above is unsubstantiated by this blog and may or may not be true. Reader beware.