Saturday, May 8, 2010


I stopped in to a Luke's Locker running store today and was amazed by the running-related paraphernalia. These guys had a bunch of stuff I had never even heard of or knew what to do with. Who knew?

Let's see, I could have gotten about 14 different kinds of gel energy, all from different companies. Try dozens of watches, which did everything except make my heart beat (could they make it beat 174 bpm like I do?). Who knows how many jerseys, singlets, tee shirts, or anything else that is pretty much just some form of a shirt with some name. And how about all the anti-chafing devices/creams/roll-ons? I didn't even know I had that problem!

And all of it would separate me from plenty of my hard-earned money. Yet we do it, always expecting this purchase, the most recent one, to make the difference. I guess based on that I don't expect to be all that good a runner.

I managed to walk out without a purchase.

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