Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Synthetic Materials

The three pair of shorts that I wear most often (and since I only usually run three times a week they are pretty much the only running shorts I wear) are those fancy "dry" material wicking, fast dry, weird-feeling material shorts.

And I should add, extremely stinky. Like, really stinky. And there's no way to make them better except to wash them.

Let me explain. These shorts hold the good smell of the clothes washer smell really well...until they get sweated on. And in Houston, whether I run inside or outside, they get sweated on. Now, I don't normally stink myself unless I have been sweaty for hours, with some drying and re-sweating on my clothes. That's not what I'm talking about. These shorts, and to a lesser extent my "dry" material tops, smell really bad after getting sweaty no matter what, even if I only wear them 45 minutes!

What's with this stuff? Why does it smell so bad? And it won't get better until it is washed. I have left it outside for a full better. I have left them buried in the dirty better. There is no solution that I know of.

So I wear them once and wash them as soon as possible. Which is maybe what they want, and so they stink.

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