Thursday, May 13, 2010

Treadmill / Tempo Run Day

I was out of town today but managed to find some time before I raced from the hotel to the airport to squeeze in a run. But first, I'll mention how some of these huge convention-style hotels treat their patrons: this place had multiple buildings and a really nice fitness center, really more like a Taj Majal complete with competition indoor tennis courts. And a $13 a day price tag. But only if you weren't a high enough level in the frequent stay program. I let the company pick up the tab since I couldn't use our free fitness center and it was in my normal routine, but still.

Back to the run. Or at least finally getting to the run. The overall result was 8 miles in 7:23 a mile, which is really good based on the past couple of weeks. The interesting part was that on three different occasions, for a mile each, I dropped the pace down to 7:00 miles, with a bunch of 7:30 miles around them and a start and finish 8:00 pace. A bunch of sweat later, and I was done.

Unfortunately, due to the size of the hotel facility, I had to walk all the way through the massive lobby and up and down a couple elevators before I finally got back to my room, all with a cotton tee shirt so wet it was dripping from the bottom and the sleeves. A romantic couple got on one elevator with me and immediately went to the far side of the car; I comforted them by stating it was all good, honest, clean sweat. They didn't think that was too funny.

For the record, I stretched out the shins as best I could following the run. Maybe it helps. I don't see the harm.

I'll see how my partial ibuprofen habit worked tomorrow, depending on how I feel the day after a good run.

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