Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wet Run

I guess after the airport was shut down last night due to three hours of lightning, causing me to have my flight to Colorado cancelled, I should not have been surprised when I got rained on in the last half of my run this morning. With a temperature of 72 and humidity at 94 percent, a little rain did nothing more than dilute the sweat pouring off me. And in those conditions, it started pouring at mile 3. Yuck.

And the clothing manufacturers claim their "dry" material wicks the moisture away...ha. At mile 5 my shirt was stuck to me on the front and the back, and not due to some kind of Elmer's glue stick.

The run was quick, nevertheless, covering 8.6 miles in 7:37 a mile. I'm pleased with it.

I'm now heading to Colorado tomorrow for a quick trip to the house and then on to work. I'll squeeze in at least one run.

I just hope I have a giant duffel bag I checked last night is waiting for me at the Colorado Springs airport!

And one last thing...I took one ibuprofen pill prior to the run, and did some light stretching and took one pill following the run. I feel no pain now nor did I during the run. Encouraging.

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