Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yosemite National Park Hike Day

No running today, but I spent the entire day in Yosemite National Park hiking and enjoying the booming waterfalls. First up was the Mist Trail to the base of Half Dome for a total distance of around ten miles and 2200 feet of vertical distance. Vernal and Nevada Falls this time of year are awesome.

And for some reason this was the first time I noticed Illilouette Falls up the valley from the trail. How I missed this major fall all these years is hard to understand.

I next walked to Mirror Lake, then across to Ahwahnee Hotel and Lower Yosemite Falls. Along the way I stumbled across Royal Arch Cascade, a really refreshing small seasonal fall that was little visited. In fact, I sat up in the woods for a rest and watched several groups walk right by, noticing neither me or the fall. What a disappointment for them.

The Lower Yosemite Fall is truly magnificent this time of year. Everyone should visit in late May or early June.

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