Saturday, June 12, 2010


I mentioned yesterday, I think, that one thing to be learned through running longer distances is the skill of concentration. I call it a skill since I think you have to learn it; it's not something people typically are just born with.

Now I know compared to ultrarunners what I do is not running long distance, but running regularly for more than an hour requires a certain amount of concentration. And since I am definitely an associative and not dissociative runner, I have to concentrate for what I think are long periods of time.

What do I concentrate on? As I've mentioned before, I focus on speed, breathing, foot strike, stride turnover, heartrate, posture, head tilt, sweat rate, and a few other things. But what does this mean?

I think the improved concentration skills from long runs directly translate over to the personal and professional world. At work it's pretty obvious most people can't focus and concentrate on complicated issues long enough to even get the facts straight, much less find possible solutions and then choose the correct one. Why offices provide more and not less distractions through increased use of cubes, glass office walls, multiple computer screens, reduced etiquette for office interruptions, etc is beyond me. Most of the employees just can't handle it.

So maybe they should just run long distances. Learn to concentrate. Learn to focus and stay in that zone for as long as it takes.

Running has advantages. So I keep running, for now.

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