Thursday, June 17, 2010


I woke up at 5am today with my left ankle in searing pain, doing its best imitation of a serious sprain it could. After 30 minutes wondering what had happened, I got up and staggered (no, I didn't "pad") to the bathroom, took a couple ibuprofen, and made it back to bed. It wasn't good. The only shred of positive was no swelling or discoloration.

I hobbled around all through the day, with the pain coming and going, but always tough, depending on the level of ibuprofen in me. Not until I got home late today, took one more ibuprofen, and got an old pair of running shoes on did I feel like I could walk, on the side of my foot, without real pain. There's hope.

But what happened today? I checked the last few days posts and there are no real clues. Nothing happened yesterday; I didn't even run. I have no ideas.

To the point, I did not run today, surprise, surprise. I doubt I will run tomorrow, so I will miss the last 18 miles this week. No real biggee, just a disappointment. There's no push heading into what will be an active vacation, and a last run prior to that is just not worth it. Discipline? Maybe, but I just want to feel good again, and until this morning I was feeling great with fairly big miles.

Now how to get it back when I'm back in the saddle in a few weeks?

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