Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holding Course

Today was a planned ten mile run in something under 8:00 per mile. Accomplished. But some fading in the last mile.

Details include the first seven miles on the treadmill at 7:47 a mile and the last three on the indoor track and untimed, but about the same pace as the first seven. My right hamstring tried to cramp once around mile four, go figure, and the right heel hurt some off and on for a few miles, but nothing to be worried about. On the shin front, I think there may be some cumulative pain developing, but with the past couple of week's mileage I'm not surprised.

I'll take tomorrow off and come back with ten miles on Thursday and eight on Friday, just like last week. So far I'm holding up under the back-to-back grind and higher mileage really well.

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