Monday, June 7, 2010

Houston Marathon Registration

Today the Houston Marathon announced they were moving to a lottery system to determine entrants in the race. I'm very disappointed in this development, since it could preclude my entry.

I understand why the Marathon is doing this...they filled up in 60 hours last year, and apparently the computer registration system did not allow some to register even though they tried within the 60 hour time period. But on the other hand, for the fourth largest city in America to limit its premier sporting event to 11,000 participants when other cities, such as Boston with 25,000, New York with 45,000, Chicago with 45,000, and San Antonio with 30,000, have much larger fields is not understandable.

Possible solutions, and I'm sure the Marathon Committee discussed these, are to increase the number of waves at the start, just add more entries and let it sort itself out, or take spots away from the half marathon. Any of these seem reasonable to me.

But instead the marathoners, many of whom like me train nearly year-round for this event, may not be able to enter. Disappointing, to say the least.

I guess another possible solution is to "allow" bandit runners like Boston?

But I'll keep running until August 17 when the entries are announced.

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