Sunday, June 13, 2010

Running Discipline

Another day off after the long week and the week upcoming. Speaking of the upcoming week, I think this will take some discipline on my part.

One, I don't need to run too far if I feel good. That seems to be one of the primary causes of injury in the running propaganda and blogs that I read. I'll have to avoid it.

Two, I don't need to run too fast if I feel good. This is less of a threat since I have a defined pace and the treadmill will keep me on it, but I had to sit out months once a couple years ago due to plantar fasciitis, caused by running intervals with elite high school runners. I don't need that to happen again.

Discipline is tracking us all the time in running, and marathoning in particular. We have to train for months if not years. We have to determine a schedule, usually somewhat based on a planned pace, and stay with it. We have to run on that schedule. We have to create a race day plan. We have to execute that plan, which may be the hardest part of all this.

And running discipline is the key. I'll have to keep that in mind this week.

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