Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stretching Thoughts - 2

I decided to not run this weekend with the heat and the relatively heavy mileage last week, or at least those are my excuses.

So I thought I'd write today on my new-found stretching exercises. I have written before that I don't stretch, and have seen a lack of evidence that it really works for distance runners. I'm now not sure - note that I didn't say I believe in stretching, but that I'm not sure it doesn't hurt.

I have been lightly stretching after my runs for about three weeks now. The stretches are simple, focused on my legs below the knees, where my shin splint pain has been. I only stretch after the runs, and I only do each stretch once for about 25 seconds each.

The four stretches are the "lean against the wall calf stretch", the "lean against the wall with bent knee lower calf stretch", which I do with my foot splayed out to focus the stretch on the inside of my lower calf where most of my pain hides, the "stand on something and let my body weight stretch out the lower calf stretch", and a bent leg "top of foot on floor to stretch the front of lower leg near shin stretch".

These four seem to be helping, although the much-discussed ibuprofen habit may be the real reason my pain is much diminished. But who cares?

On deck for the week: around 40 miles total, with 12 on Monday, 10 on Tuesday, off Wednesday, 10 on Thursday, and 8 on Friday. I don't expect to hold absolutely to this schedule, and also don't expect to run very fast any day. We'll see.

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