Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ten Miles, Again

Another day, another relatively slow ten miles on the treadmill. This time it was in 7:55 a mile, and didn't seem so bad as far as boredom. My goal was simply to make it to mile 8 without any issues and I made it to the end, so it made for a successful day.

The local rag the Houston Chronicle ran an article today on the lottery in the Houston Marathon, noting how the runners are upset and how the Houston Area Road Runners Association, who sponsored the first Houston Marathon, were left out of the process. This lottery decision continues to look bad for the Marathon.

On another front, apparently the course will remain the same as the last number of years. There was a rumor that a viaduct would be torn down in the first two miles, resulting in a course change. Well, the viaduct is still standing and the course seems to be the same, although no official announcement has been made yet.

To continue with this week's goal, I have eight miles to go tomorrow to finish a good 40 mile week. So far the week has been easier than expected.

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