Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bonk City

My plans for the weekend changed a little last night so I had a chance to run again today. May as well have slept in. My mind just wasn't in it, I was tired from three straight days of running, and I just didn't care. So I ditched it after 1.5 miles in 7:57 a mile and walked four laps on the track.

The walk really gave me a chance to get my head straight on how to approach the weekend chronologically. I decided to go back to the office and actually type up an outline of how to deliver my talk. I'm fairly confident now that it will go okay...if the politics will just calm down. But this isn't a low-key deal and emotions and politics are evident and I don't even know what all the issues are.

Anyway, I'm taking three straight days off and should be ready to put in a 40 mile week when I get back into it next week. My mind and body are looking forward to the rest.

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