Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Forget the Hotel!

After the possessed treadmill at the cheeseball hotel last night, I had little motivation to put up with that again. To recap, if I ran seven miles today in 49 minutes, I would have to be manipulating the incline and speed buttons, collectively or individually, 48 separate times! Not accepable or appetizing.

So while I was driving to the work location this morning I spied a Golds Gym. I then gave them a call for hours and costs and other particulars, dropped by after work, and got in seven miles in 6:52 a mile. And believe it or not, the treadmill did not require multiple manipulations to keep going, stayed on the same speed until I sped up slightly at mile seven, and stopped smoothly when I was done. All wildly different than last night.

The run itself was a very fast but comfortable run. This makes six fast runs of at least seven miles in a row, spread over eight days. I'm enjoying the sense of accomplishment, something I don't often get in daily life.

Let's run!

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