Tuesday, August 24, 2010


What a drag of a run today. The goal was ten miles in something just over 7 minutes a mile, a really aggressive goal given the really hot temperatures in the hotel fitness center and the relatively hard run yesterday. So much for the goal.

I felt really good until three miles in when I just didn't have it anymore. I dropped my speed from 7:08 a mile to 7:24 and a mile later dropped it again to 7:42 a mile. What a drag. I held it there a couple of miles but knew I wasn't making it to ten, so I dropped it again to 8:00 a mile, the slowest I have been in a while, to finish nine miles in 7:43 a mile overall. Sort of a reverse, and sad, tempo run.

But here's a thought. A bad 7:43 is still WAY faster than the 8:00 pace I need to qualify for Boston. The lesson is that if things go wrong somewhere in the second half of the race, a pace that feels ridiculously slow will still easily qualify me, if not make me proud. In other words, as long as injury doesn't happen before or during the race I should be okay.

Now for those goal times....

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