Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Month Summary

I finished three months of almost exclusive treadmill running today with an eight mile run in 7:13 a mile. This was a very pleasing run for distance and speed, particularly following the relatively fast ten mile run yesterday. I'm not sure right now what my goal is for tomorrow but I'm feeling good enough to have another strong run tomorrow. As I mentioned yesterday, I just want to hold my well-earned summer base together through some time conflicts I have in September until I begin specific marathon training in October.

As for the month, I ran 115 miles in an average 7:16 a mile. This on the surface doesn't look so great, but when looked at from my running history over the past three years it was a very good month. For comparison, it was roughly tied with the second highest mileage month ever, behind a 145 mile month last December leading up to the 2010 Houston Marathon. On the pace front, it was by far the fastest month of my adult career, by over 30 seconds a mile. Really nice to be able to type that.

So what does this mean? I'm not sure, but as always, if I can stay healthy and get to the starting line in good shape I think I am setting myself up for a really good marathon. Time will tell.

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