Monday, August 9, 2010

Worst Treadmill Ever

Travelling and trying to run or work out is always an adventure. Today topped them all.

I am in a Holiday Inn Express. Usually I am in large cities when I travel, but not quite so this time (although I did fly here on Southwest Airlines so it's not really that small). And the pitiful "fitness" center showed it.

This place was about the size of my study at home, had a whopping three machines, including two treadmills and one bicycle-like thing which had an "Out of Order" tag on it. I never got one treadmill to start, so maybe it was out of order as well.

That left me with one option, and it was nothing short of possessed. I got it going without too much trouble, but couldn't keep it from inclining on me every minute on the minute. Too add spice to my life, every other minute it would slow down to 3.5 miles per hour, or 4.5 miles per hour, or whatever it felt like. So I'm madly pushing buttons at 8.5 miles per hour trying to get the incline down and speed up...but watch out, because if it comes to a stop, or anything it thinks is a stop - like below 4 miles per hour or some crazy number - it would almost hit a wall and slam on the brakes. How I can write and not be in a body cast is beyond me.

Oh yeah, I did finish the run after all kinds of swearing...eight miles in what I think was around 7:10 a mile. I was at 8.5 miles per hour as much as possible and didn't usually slow down too much when the machine went postal on me, so who knows? At least the time and the distance made sense, but I doubt this HAL really had a clue, or did it?

And to think I get to deal with this rabid machine again tomorrow. How much is this worth?

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