Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10k For Houston Marathon

I was looking at the results of the Alvin, Texas, 10k/5k race this past Saturday and started wondering where I would finish if I had run. I had Sunday's outdoor run, which was a good 7:02 a mile pace but was labored and I didn't have 1.9 miles left in the tank at that pace to complete a 10k. I wanted another benchmark run, so I tried it on the treadmill today and finished 6.2 miles in 6:40 pace. A new treadmill pace record for at least six miles.

What does this mean? Who knows. Maybe under decent conditions outside - not 89 degrees with some humidity - I could run a 6:45-6:50 pace 10k. Seems reasonable to me. If so, I would have finished around 5th to 6th place in the Alvin race out of around 200 or so. Not bad. But not done, either.

So maybe a race in October prior to my planned Houston Half Marathon will be in order. Or maybe not. The balancing act of high mileage weekends with racing will probably swing to the mileage for marathon preparation, as it has in the past. But there are exceptions.

Something noticed that is really annoying on the treadmill: when I hit the "stop" button, like today at 6.20 miles, the treadmill slows down much slower than I'd prefer. I'd rather come to a stop in about four strides, but no, I have to do this slow dance slow-down and nearly fall off the back of the treadmill each time. And the real bummer is that the faster I run, the longer the slow down and the more frustrating it is. Such is the life.


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